Say Goodbye to malicious websitesTry safe browsing tools


Browser Extension Surfguard Extension Surfguard analyzes every webpage you visit and highlights hyperlinks with non-recommended target sites (adult, malware or suspicious content), so you can always make an informed decision on whether to follow those links or not.

Just move and hold your mouse over a link before you click - if a link is not safe for a reason, Surfguard will highlight it, and show a quick safety report.


Website Safety Database's Website Safety Database makes its best to protect users from many potential threats on the Web, including malware, scam or phishing pages, unsolicited adult content, etc.

That's why Surfguard is connected to our own database of up-to-date web safety profiles: we use only credible public sources along with our comprehensive technology to research, determine, and bring together all vital safety indicators of any website.


Plugin and SDK Surfguard SDK is available as a plugin for all major CMSs and forum software, including Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, phpBB, vBulletin, or as SDK for a language of your choice: PHP, Python, Javascript and ASP.NET. SDK can be used by web hosts, browser plugin developers, or site owners to add user-oriented protection features to the links within their sites/products: it provides users with the link safety notifications (i.e. safe, unsafe, adult, suspicious, etc) along with toolbar that would help to recapture and inform users after they follow some links.