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Recent posts: Soundscapes: India 2010 - 2020
Soundscapes: India 2010 - 2020 Today, take a moment to reflect; even after seventy long years of India adopting the Constitution, how much of it are we adhering to? How much of a Republic have we truly become?
I listen intently, eyes shut tight
They say my country speaks at night
The 'apple' of our eye: the story of the underrated fruit Not a very long time ago, our beloved prime minister, two times over, was asked a question of paramount importance.
“Kya aap Aam khate hain,” the B-Town superstar asked him, “Aur khate hain, toh kaise khate hai?”
While most left-brained individuals took offence at this seemingly petty topic, the right wing/brain found it deeply comforting that the PM had in some way, proved he was a simple man with simple tastes....
The time-keeper at Chor Bazaar He sits outside his shop in the narrow lane of Mumbai's infamous chor bazaar. His is one of the many in line of the bric-a-brac stores in the area. Abdul Ghadiwala, he calls himself, a plump bespectacled man smiling broadly at the camera hanging in my... #WordlessWednesday: Of poetry vibes and poetry tribes It was in January that walking book fairs made a stop at Goa, and I was thrilled...mainly because
in an age and time where poetry is losing its glory, here were this young duo (Shatabdi Mishra and Akshaya Bahibala) who were trying their level best to reignite interest and resuscitate it back to life....
Packing for a day trip #SuperBloggerChallenge #Instacuppa There are two types of travel junkies in the world
The spontaneous firebrands, who with their come-what-may attitude, believe in throwing themselves into impromptu trips, and those who like to be prepared and plan ahead for everything life and travel may throw their way....