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Recent posts: Deliveroo Educates Families About Ramadhan By Distributing Free Books
Deliveroo Educates Families About Ramadhan By Distributing Free Books This Ramadan, Deliveroo has partnered with author Zeba Talkhani to distribute hundreds of free copies of her book ‘The Most Exciting Eid’ to families across the UK.
Research has revealed that over 7 in 10 (75%) of non-Muslim Brits are unfamiliar with Ramadhan, and 9 out of 10 ( 89%) Muslims in the UK believe Islamic culture and practices should be taught to children from a young age....
Welcoming Ramadhan and Embracing Its Blessings “O, People! A great (and) blessed month has cast its shadow upon you. It is a month which contains a night far better than one thousand months – a month Allah has made it obligatory to fast therein and made it commendable to stand up praying on its nights... Gold Bar Depicting The Kaaba Launched By The Royal Mint The Royal Mint, renowned as the home of precious metals, has today released a gold-minted bullion bar for the Muslim community depicting the Kaaba, the holiest site for millions of Muslims.
To accomplish this, The Royal Mint consulted the Muslim Council of Wales, whilst the design was finalised by Emma Noble....
Adidas Terrex and Wiggle Team Up With Muslim Hikers To Create Revolutionary Pray... Muslim Hikers have teamed up with Wiggle and Adidas Terrex to create a special kind of prayer mat for Muslims when outdoors. What’s more, all three have come together to install – for the first time ever – signs pointing to Makkah on one of the most... A mobile App every Muslim need’s to download today – Qalby is here! Are our hearts truly pure?  Trying to judge purity and understand Islamic teaching is not always straightforward which is why Mizz Nina has developed a special Qalby App to help.
It is a path that former hip hop pop singer Shazrina Azman has been following over the past few years, as she transformed into Mizz Nina.  Talking to British Muslim she explained how this change has come about....