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Recent posts: UK Government tightens UK visa rules for 2024
UK Government tightens UK visa rules for 2024 The UK Home Secretary has announced new measures to reduce migration levels to the UK. The update introduces a mandatory requirement, stating that a minimum salary of £38,700—increased from £18,700—must be met. This means that individuals seeking to... The Bravery Dance – Al Youla Known as the dance of bravery, Al Youla is one of the oldest yet currently widespread art form from the UAE that takes pride in its culture and heritage. Mohammed Al Shehhi discusses the importance of Al Youla to the UAE culture.
In a country like the UAE, renowned for its shopping malls, beaches, and abundant sunshine, amid the rapid transformation brought about by a surge of skyscrapers and urban infrastructure, there remains a profoundly prominent element: its traditional...
Rijeka: Croatian Port of Austro-Hungarian Era Rijeka is one hidden gem, that is will worth exploring, not because it is the most beautiful place across the globe but it is also my hometown.
It will make you feel like having a ride in a time machine through different periods of history with every step you take. Rijeka stands apart from the rest of Croatia through its distinctive architecture, gastronomy, language, and the renowned phrase...
Here’s Why Crescent Days Has Launched Its ‘Sunnah In A Stick’ Getting a good night’s rest can be hard, especially when you are stressed, over tired, travelling or coping with unexpected circumstances. Even changes in routine with the arrival of Ramadan, or family problems can affect the quality of sleep – and ultimately... Nikaah Marriages and Their Impact on Women Raising the Bar Part II
Camilla Choudhury – Khawaja was Called to the Bar in 1998 by the Honourable Society of Grays’ Inn, following in the footsteps of both her Grandfather and Father. Camilla is a family law barrister with a specialist practice, The Women’s Lawyer, specialising...