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Recent posts: Islamic History and Heritage in Malta
Islamic History and Heritage in Malta Despite being a small archipelago, Malta sure does pack a punch when it comes to impressing visitors. It’s one of the smallest countries in the world, yet visitors will find so much to do here. From stunning scenery to pristine beaches and UNESCO World... The Train That Takes You From Berlin To Brussels Overnight What can be better than taking a train through Europe this summer?
If you’re looking for inspiration for your next train adventure, consider packing your bags and taking The Good Night Train.
Experience the best of Europe’s bustling cities by travelling from Berlin to Brussels via Amsterdam. The journey will take a little over 10 hours and it’s possible to also take the train from London to Berlin too! By simply taking the Eurostar to Brussels...
Lisbon Voted The Cheapest City Break Destination In Europe Every year, Post Office Travel Money compares costs in a range of European cities, covering things like tourist sites, food, hotels and much more.
This year, they compared 12 typical tourist costs in 35 European cities which are common spots for many UK travellers....
22-Year Old Afrah is the First Saudi Woman To Pilot a Hot-Air Balloon  Al Ula native, Afrah Al-Harbi is the first Saudi woman to pilot hot-air balloons in the country. Having piloted them 55 times already, she became the first Saudi woman to obtain a license to navigate these aircrafts, as well as the youngest person ever... Muslim Tech Leaders Share Their Stories at Muslim Tech Festival For the first time ever, a group of tech-minded Muslims gathered together to make history. Muslamic Makers, who are a community of Muslim Changemakers helping Muslims level up across the tech industry and beyond, arranged a superb event which saw Muslims...