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Recent posts: The Safest and Cheapest Airlines in The World
The Safest and Cheapest Airlines in The World With many making plans to travel abroad this year, finding the right airline has become a high priority. Whilst some things such as airport chaos and delays are part and parcel of travelling, safety is always paramount.
Every year, AirlineRatings carries out thorough checks with a range of airlines to determine the safest airlines in the world. Last year, Singapore Airlines topped the list with Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airways coming in second and third place respectively...
Reviving The Lost Spirit of Rajab With Rajab sitting extremely close to the month of Ramadhan, its significance and virtues often go neglected by many Muslims. Regarded as one of the four sacred months, Rajab is a superb month to start thinking about the exciting prospects of Ramadhan... Iraq Wins Arabian Gulf Cup After Defeating Oman In The Finals “The Cup is Iraqi, our lions are our pride and we walk with our heads held high.”
Iraqi Prime Minister Al Sudani
Shortly after the momentous 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Iraq hosted the Arabian Gulf Cup which took place in the southern city of Basra.
You can now get a visa whilst buying your flights to Saudi Arabia Travellers flying with Saudia Airlines can now take advantage of a new service, which allows them to apply for a visa with their airline ticket to explore Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah.
The visa will be valid for 96 hours and will allow visitors to visit any place of their choice within the Kingdom....
An Evening of Spirituality With The Whirling Dervishes of Bosnia ‘All loves are a bridge to Divine love. Yet, those who have not had a taste of it do not know.’
This quote by the world-renowned poet Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi meticulously sums up the principal aim of the swirling dance performed by devoted dervishes. Also known as the sema, the whirling dervishes momentarily leave this world as they transcend the...