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Recent posts: The Number One Tips To Maintain A Well Balance Life, That No One Shares
The Number One Tips To Maintain A Well Balance Life, That No One Shares Each one of us longs for a balanced life, and yet many of us feel that it is hard to achieve. However, in reality, you can make it by bringing some changes to your life. {CLICK TO TWEET}
Spring has arrived, and it's time you achieve a balanced life so you can have time for spring cleaning. Everywhere we hear about work and life balance. How the rich get more things done in a day than you?...
How To Adapt When Your World As You Know It Change? As we all know, the world we live in is an intriguing place that is constantly changing. As you might have already noticed so are we. We want to change to be a catalyst for young minds who are constantly changing the world. {CLICK TO TWEET}
And we want to indulge the world into adopting and embracing it instead of fearing it. As we know, not everything changes for the better some are bad but most are good. So we want to precipitate change and not let others fall behind. All though we are...
An Indulger's Guide To Having A Productive Summer Finally, summer has arrived. School is out, and summer break is in full gear. Perfect time to do stuff on your own time and schedule. Some promises have been made or broken, but it can still be a great summer. {Click To Tweet!}
You can let your brain and muscles degenerate by spending all your time in bed. But the possibilities are endless even if you woke up at 1 pm every day we want to help you make this summer fun and productive....
INNOVATIVE IDEAL: NEDJINA DOL - Simply want to put a smile in others faces! Nedjina’s passion is to simply put a smile in others faces in many ways that she possibly can. She lives by this quote, “Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” -Nedjina Dol (CLICK TO TWEET)
Nedjina’s Story
Nedjina was born in Haiti, then moved to the United States after the devastating Earthquake in 2010. She is now a student at Florida International University majoring in Finance. Working in building her fashion empire Fleur Wear....
INNOVATIVE IDEAL: RYAN SCRIBNER - A Small Town Boy Following His Passion For Tea... Ryan's passion is for teaching others and has always had a natural interest in money/personal finance. He lives by the quote: "love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life." -Ryan Scribner (CLICK TO TWEET)
Ryan's Story
Ryan Scribner, a 24 years old born and raised in a small town in rural Upstate NY. His father is a Financial Advisor, so he's grown up around discussions of personal finance which lead him down this path to educating others....