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Recent posts: Netflix Film ‘Farha’ Depicts The True Story of The Nakba
Netflix Film ‘Farha’ Depicts The True Story of The Nakba An authentic depiction of the Nakba, the film ‘Farha’ stands to portray the violent horrors of that time.
The term Nakba, literally meaning The Catastrophe, refers to the tragic events surrounding the establishment of Israel, when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced from their homes or had to make their own exit....
Morocco Eliminates Spain and Reaches The Quarter Finals Today is a momentous day for Morocco as they knocked out Spain on penalties and became the first Arab country to make it through to the quarter-finals. The win shocked viewers throughout the stadium as well as many viewers from around the world.
Whilst Spain performed remarkably well, with better possession and more passes, Morocco, like always, stayed focused on scoring! “I’m happy for Morocco. They had amazing fans and made the match very exciting,” one Spanish fan told Al Jazeera....
The Forgotten Legacy of The Victorian Muslim Convert: Fatima Elizabeth Cates Whilst the name Abdullah Quilliam may sound familiar, the name Fatima Elizabeth Cates is new for many of us. Until recently, her story had been forgotten almost entirely, despite the legacy she left behind.
Thanks to the efforts of several individuals, her story has now found a place within the narrative of Victorian Muslims. Naming his school after her name, Hamid Mahmood of London went on a mission to locate her unmarked grave. The grave was located eventually...
Why This Year’s World Cup Is The Best World Cup Ever This year’s World Cup has not just been about football. As players kicked things off with the games, many newspapers also began kicking things off with much criticism and sensationalism. Focusing on migrant workers, alcohol bans and segregated areas... Tich Button is very relatable to family viewers says Farhan Saeed We catch up with the heartthrob Farhan Saeed, who was recently seen on screen for his movie Tich Button – now playing in all UK cinemas. Let’s find out what he had to share!
You were the lead singer of the band Jal, How did you get into acting as a singer. How did that all happen?...