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Recent posts: Ramadan Diaries with Maz Bonafide, Camilla Choudhry Khawaja and DJ Kan D Man
Ramadan Diaries with Maz Bonafide, Camilla Choudhry Khawaja and DJ Kan D Man Ramadan is a special time of the year, but it can impact considerably on lifestyle, work and home life. We aske Maz Bonafide, Camilla Choudhury – Khawaja and Dj Kan D Man just how they prepared for Ramadan followed by the celebration of Eid.
Singer & performer Maz Bonafide said:...
London Welcomes Ramadhan By Lighting Up The Capital’s West End In an effort to welcome Ramadhan, London’s West End was lit up with Ramadhan lights and decorated for the first time ever.
Being the first time that such a display has been displayed, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan took the chance to switch on the 30,000 sustainable lights....
Everything You Need To Know About World Autism Acceptance Week World Autism Acceptance week runs every year and is normally planned around Autism Acceptance Day (2 April). This year, World Autism Acceptance Week is scheduled to take part from 27 March – 2 April 2023.
With over 700,000 autistic people in the UK, this year aims to shed light on acceptance rather than awareness. As we already have many autistic people living amidst us, the week will be all about accepting them as part of our society and world. After...
Reclaim Your Wellbeing This Ramadhan Ramadhan may be a month of sacrifice, fasting and abstaining from what we usually crave, yet it does not mean that we disregard our physical and mental well-being.
Fasting in and of itself is highly beneficial for the body as it helps in removing toxins, fights inflammation, increases productivity, and improves cholesterol levels. However, with the rapid change in your eating habits, it’s even more crucial to focus...
The Best Foods To Eat in Ramadhan For Iftar and Suhur  Whilst Ramadhan is all about abstaining from food, it’s still important to manage your meals and ensure that your body is being fed the right foods. After all, you will be fasting all day and this change requires a fresh approach to your diet.
For many of us, it can be easy to load up when we break our fast, but this can leave you feeling lethargic and uneasy. The idea is to eat those foods that are well-balanced, whilst ensuring that your diet consists of a variety of items that benefits...