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Recent posts: Why Are Extraterrestrials Bald?
Why Are Extraterrestrials Bald? When looking for "extraterrestrial" on the search engine Google images, dozens of illustrations are proposed. The human imagination has not been stingy throughout the last century to give a thousand shapes to these mysterious invaders from another world... Hollywood Action Hero Gives Volvo Excavators The Boot Camp Treatment [Video Incl... Dolph Lundgren leads the action in Volvo Construction Equipment’s Pump It Up - a new film showcasing the ultimate in excavator endurance
Revealing the toughness, versatility and intelligent engineering behind Volvo CE's full range of excavators, the film tests the limits of heavy equipment during an exhilarating and entertaining army bootcamp, led by drill instructor Dolph Lundgren....
Holy Top Seventeen Misleading Job Titles, Batman!  Top Misleading Job Titles (Image via FitSmallBusiness.com)
Smutter. Key Hanger. Chick Sexer. You might expect to see these on t-shirts in a mall, but these are actual job titles – and not what you think.
With the right training, you too can be a Digital Overlord, a Comb Capper, or even a Batman (bat ears not included). Or if you skew to the more bizarre: A Bunghole Borer, Scrum Master, or a Back-end Specialist -- these jobs exist. But don't take their...
Game of Thrones: imagined World Combines Romantic and Grotesque Visions of Middl... Take the dragons and the zombies away from the television adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire novels and you are left with the seemingly authentic portrayal of a pseudo-medieval world. Indeed, Martin was inspired by historical... #BepiColombo: Europe Blasts Off To Mercury – Here's The Rocket Science The European Space Agency (ESA) has launched its BepiColombo mission to the planet Mercury from its spaceport near the equator in Kourou, French Guyana, on October 20. My involvement in the mission means that I will be anxiously following the journey...