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Recent posts: World Cup 2022: Five Muslim Footballers To Look Out For In the World Cup
World Cup 2022: Five Muslim Footballers To Look Out For In the World Cup With the World Cup 2022 games thoroughly underway, it’s a good time to explore some of the most renowned Muslim players taking part.
Of the 32 teams taking part in the World Cup 2022, 7 will be Muslim nations. This means that some of the most renowned Muslim players will be representing their countries in one of the greatest sports events....
The Ideal Way to Mentally Refresh After a Stressful Day In a culture of always being over-productive and busy, relaxation for many of us is the last thing on our minds. In fact, relaxation can sometimes be mistaken as a form of laziness. But according to research by Yale University, relaxation ‘keeps your... Airports To Change 100ml Liquid Rule in Hand Luggage by 2024 Plans are underway to scrap the rule banning liquids that are over 100ml in hand luggage.
According to a report by The Times, there will be no limit to the size of liquids that goes into a passenger’s hand luggage. This includes drinks, beauty products as well as any other liquid product....
World Cup 2022: Morocco is The Fourth Muslim Country To Win a Game This afternoon, Morocco shocked the world by taking the lead and beating the tired yet second-ranked team of Belgium 2-0. This means that they have now taken the lead of group F with 4 points. With Belgium being one of the most remarkable teams in the... Dr Mariam Afifa Ansari – India’s First Female Muslim Neurosurgeon Hailing from Maharastra, Dr Mariam Afifa Ansari has become the first female Muslim neurosurgeon in India. According to other reports, she is also the youngest to qualify with such a title in the country.
Since Dr Ansari was a child, her dream was to help others by serving as a doctor. Many years later, this dream has become a reality for her and her proud mother. But this of course is not the end of the road....